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Online Community Subscription Plan

  • TM Canine Community

    Every month
    Personalized Videos, Discussion Forums, Q&A, and Socialization Features.
    • Member-Only Discussion Forums and Training Videos
    • Personalized Training Plan from a Professional Trainer
    • Ask the Trainer: Q&A Sessions with Professional Trainers
    • Socialization Features
    • Virtual Consultations
    • Members Only Events
    • Training Resource Library
    • Interactive Maps
    • Discounts

Training Price Sheet

 There are a number of variables that we consider, prior to suggesting a training package for you. Such as your dog’s age, temperament, previous training, and the desired goals/concerns of the owner. What will work for one dog and owner, won’t necessarily work for another.  During your training consultation, we will consider every factor and develop a training plan for your specific needs. 

Private Training

  • One Private Lesson: $125

  • Three Private Lessons: $350

  •  Five Private Lessons: $525 

  • Ten Private Lessons: $900 

  •  (Distance, weekends, and after-hours service will affect pricing)

Pick Up and Train Program

  • One Day and Train: $150

  • Three Days and Train: $425

  • Five Days and Train: $650 

  • Ten Days and Train: $1,150 

  •  (Distance, weekends, and after-hours service will affect pricing)

Group Lessons

  • Single Group Lesson: $30

  • Five Group Lessons: $130

  • Ten Group Lessons: $240

Online Dog Training

  • $7.99 or purchase the TM Canine Community Subscription and all courses are included.   

  • Dogs adopted through our Rescue Partners Program will receive access to the TM Canine Community for FREE!

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