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At TM Canine, we understand the individuality of each dog and the necessity for tailored training methodologies. Our commitment to excellence is reflected in our consultation services, designed to cater specifically to your unique needs and concerns.


Whether you're grappling with behavioral challenges or striving to enhance your dog's obedience, we collaborate closely with you to develop a meticulously crafted training regimen. Our personalized approach ensures that we address your objectives effectively, fostering harmonious interactions between you and your canine companion.

We specialize in resolving an array of issues, including but not limited to:​

  1. Aggression/Reactivity

  2. Pulling on the Leash (Leash Reactivity)

  3. Counter Surfing

  4. Jumping on Guests

  5. Disobedience to  Obedience Commands

  6. Separation Anxiety

  7. Destructive Chewing

  8. Resource Guarding

  9. Shyness or Timidity, Fear of Specific Objects or Situations (e.g., thunderstorms, vacuum cleaners) (Fear of Vet Visits or Grooming) 

  10. House Soiling

  11. Attention-Seeking Behavior

  12. Compulsive Behaviors (Impulse Control)

  13. Boundary Training (indoor/outdoor)

  14. Overexcitement (Nipping or Mouthing)

  15. Inappropriate Digging

  16. Inappropriate Barking (e.g., when left alone, at other dogs)

  17. Introduction of New Pets or Family Members

  18. Integration into a Multi-Pet Household

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