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Puppy Training 101: From Basics to Manners

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Welcome to "Puppy Training 101: From Basics to Manners," an all-encompassing online course crafted for new puppy owners. This course empowers you with the knowledge and skills needed to establish a solid foundation for a well-behaved and happy canine companion. Key Learnings: Understanding Your Puppy: - Exploring developmental stages and addressing common behaviors. - Recognizing signs of stress and anxiety in your puppy. Positive Training Environment: - Setting up a safe space for training with the right tools. - Establish a consistent training routine. Basic Commands Training: - In-depth guides for essential commands. - Troubleshooting tips for common challenges. Leash Training and Loose Leash Walking: - Teaching leash manners and overcoming common issues. - Create positive associations with leash training. Crate Training Essentials: - Understanding the benefits and gradually introduce the crate. - Managing separation anxiety through positive associations. Socialization Techniques: - Emphasizing early socialization and exposure. - Implementing structured socialization activities. Addressing Common Behavior Issues: - Practical strategies for chewing, biting, housebreaking, and more. - Tips for preventing and managing undesirable behaviors. Positive Reinforcement Techniques: - Overview of positive reinforcement and effective use. - The benefits of mastering timing and consistency in reinforcement. Ongoing Training and Advanced Commands: - Maintain consistency in training and introduce advanced commands. - Prepare your puppy for real-life situations. Resources and Support: - Guides and checklists. - Access to a private community forum for sharing experiences. Embark on this educational journey to build a lasting bond with your puppy, instilling good manners and positive behaviors. Enroll now and create a foundation for a lifetime of joyous companionship!

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